Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pratice Blog: Who Am I?

Who am I?
A. Callie Amara Thames
1. I am 23 years old.
2. I have an older sister by the name of Kate.
3. I am a Pascagoula MS native.
B. My Family:
1. My family plays a big part in my life, they keep me motivated to better myself.
2. I have two nieces and two nephews who are my world.
II. Where I grew up:
A. Pascagoula MS
1. Pascagoula is a small coastal town in Mississippi, it is the home of Ingalls Shipbuilding company.
2. Being from a small town has its perks and disadvantages. A perk would be always seeing a friendly face, a disadvantage would have to be running into people you would rather avoid.
B. Things to do in Pascagoula:
1. Many people who live in this town are constantly on the water, whether it be in the pool, river or out in the Gulf.
2. I spend my past time on the river most weekends, with the tight knit group of friends I have.
3. We spend most of our time on the river, but occasionally we will go to Round or Horn Island which is located in the Gulf.
III. Why do I want to be an educator:
A. Being an educator to me is important because I can try and get my passion out for history and hopefully reach a child who will establish that same kind of passion I have, regardless of the subject matter.
1. Being an educator is more than just teaching a child something, it goes deeper than that any child can be taught something but when they start to learn things is the key.
2. Being an educator is also more than teaching or having a child learn something as well, it also allows you to give the child the building blocks to create what they want to do with their education pathway.
IV. My major is History Education:
A. I will be licensed to teach secondary history education once I finish these last couple of years.
1. This means I will be the classroom teaching students about the history of our country as well as other historical events that happened throughout the world.
2. I will not just be teaching about past historical events, current events are also great things that will and can be used when in a class room.

My name is Callie Thames, I am 23 years old and currently a student at University of South Alabama I am in my Senior year working towards my History Education degree. I have one sister who is 4 years older than me her name is Kate. Kate happens to be not only my sister but also one of my best friends. Our being relatively close in age helped forge our friendship. My sister has 4 children with her husband Gene. Two girls and two boys, these kids are my world. I try my hardest to be a good influence on them, I want nothing more than for them to grow up and be respectful towards their parents, grandparents and anyone who they will come in contact with. I previously attended University of Southern Mississippi but felt as if I truly did not belong with that school, upon some soul searching I mad the decision to apply to USA and received my acceptance letter a few weeks later. I knew this school was the place for me to finish out my degree, and it was the best choice I made for my education.
I made the choice to enter the field of education because I feel that teaching and helping a student develop during their time of high school is a wonderful thing. Not only would I be installing the raw materials for them to go off and become who they want to be when they grow up. I am also showing them that school is not all that bad, yes it makes them work but it should also instal some sort of discipline in their life as well. Teaching a child to learn something is where changes happen. If a child learns then that task they learned will or should be with them for life, which is something that I want to do. I want my students to take some bit of information they learned from me and run with it. Let that information take them places and hopefully cause them to do great things. As a history educator I would hope to spend my teaching days teaching children about the past history or current history of our country and historical events that happened or are happening in the rest of the world today.

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