Sunday, November 23, 2014

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Teaching can be a profession: In this article Klein lists problems and solution to these problems

Problems- he calls for better academic training for teachers.
he also says that a demanding knowledge base needs to be established.
and wants to change the way teachers are rewarded.

I agree that teachers should be require to have better academic training. Teachers need to be well versed in their field of education, but they also need to focus on teaching the students to learn, versus just telling the students information that they may of may not remember. Teachers also need to slowly prepare the students for real world experiences they will face once they are out of high school. Teachers are not only teaching students but they are installing basic needs and facts that the students will need to use later in life when they are working and living in the real life, they will be the future leaders in our world and a more selective education system would help weed out the ones who are not up to the full job of teaching or the ones who are not up to par with the education requirements.

Developing a demanding knowledge based education, this ultimately depends on the students but also the teachers. If this was to be developed then teaching would have to be looked as a professional job instead of something that many people deem as an easy way out, or an easy job. If the content students were learning was beefed up and looked at as challenging then maybe teachers would receive more acknowledgement in this profession instead of being told "you are wasting time, to be paid such little money" or the always lovely to hear phrase "why are you going into education? that's a pointless field" Us teachers or feature teachers do not find this field pointless, we find it enjoyable and love the act that what we are doing is molding the minds of our next generation.

I feel that not all teachers need to be rewarded, I say this not because they do not deserve it, but why do they need constant rewards for something they went to school for and strive so hard to achieve? Rewards for something like the students passed all their tests each test time, or none of the classes you taught had anybody fail the state tests then yes I can see a reward being acceptable. But rewards for small and petty things I feel are not needed. If you have worked for an extended amount of time and they are rewarding you for your service or how long you have been there is not needed in my eyes. If the teacher enjoys teaching then they should not need to or feel the need to have a reward for doing something they love. What I am basically saying is if teachers were rewarded on their students work then that is fine, but rewarding a teacher for something she should love and not need a reward for is unneeded.

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  1. I agree with you on the fact that teachers shouldn't have to be rewarded for every good they do. It is their job to teach and teach well. Great post!