Saturday, November 8, 2014

C4T #3

I was assigned to comment to Henrietta Miller's blog, Classroom Chronicles. The first blog I commented on she talked about how she gave each student a Gobstopper when they returned back to school and asked them to think about three things. 1. Why are we using them? 2. What might we be inquiring into? 3. How could a gobstopper relate to this term’s inquiry unit? Before the students were allowed to eat the Gobstopper the student was required to create a list of " I wonder questions" some of the results were "I wonder what happens to a gobstopper in my digestive system?" and "I think the gobstopper is a metaphor for the earth’s crust and we are going to investigate the layers of the earth." Those were just a few of the responses that she received from her students. In the second blog I commented on she was talking about how she had the students pretend they were throwing a party. This pretend party is a way of making the students think about make and ultimately make it come alive. This was an interesting idea because it allows for the students to relate to something they would enjoy and get excited about.

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