Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog # 5

I myself have never heard of PLN or Personal Learning Network before we were requested to blog on this subject matter. A PLN is something that allows one to interact with other people, enhance your thinking and also broaden your learning skills.
An example of a PLN could be Twitter. Twitter allows people to interact with one another on a social media platform. Just like any new social media platform it has to be learned, so it is not only allowing you to interact and create connections with people who have the same interests as you, it also helps with you having to learn how Twitter works. The use of hash-tags and be confusing or may seem silly to some, however this is how Twitter works and if you intend to use this form of social media then you must adapt and learn as you go.In the videos and websites provided for us to look at and gather information a couple stuck out as importance to me.
In the video Personal Learning Networks that can be found on one of the pages provided for our reading or watching it states that PLN's can and re developed every day by just conversing with someone about classroom assignments and or things discussed in the lecture that day or whenever. This is news to me because I discuss on a daily bases what is going on in classes with numerous classmates. This being said I had no clue I was starting the building blocks of creating my own PLN by just talking about school work, and past things learned.
In Michale Fawcett video he discussed how he created his own PLN by just conversing with fellow conference attendees who enjoyed the same things he did.He discussed his use of Twitter at the conference, and his choice to keep using Twitter once he returned home. Micheal's choice to keep using Twitter once home from the conference was a great idea because it allowed for his to build a bigger PLN with others who had the same interests as his own. This in turn allows him to seek help from other when he needs to by just a click of a button and a tweet to a fellow friend or colleague. Another great thing about Twitter is it allows us to interact with people around the world so if you have someone who is living in a different area than you are and you happen to be studying, or researching something going on in that area you can ask them and they will reply with no delay. This can d wonders with building bigger and bigger PLN's because this will help the diversity of the group grow and become that much stronger.
I myself have my own Twitter account I created this account in 2010, I have been taking a break from Twitter until recently. I myself did not have much time for Twitter when I had no need for it besides letting others know what I was doing that day/night. I know realize that using and having a Twitter is opening a door to many opportunities that can do wonders when creating my PLN. I might not have realized the true need for me to have a Twitter when I created it however I now understand that Twitter can and will help me out in the long run with my professional lifestyle.

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