Friday, September 5, 2014

Providing Helpful Feedback to Your Peers

The video What is Peer Editing? Provides a great explanation of what exactly Peer reviewing is. It states that Peer reviewing should not be done in a way to bring someone down, but rather be done in a way to help your fellow classmates out while bettering their writing skills. The video provides three steps that should be followed when trying to give a successful peer review. Step 1. Compliments, complimenting one on the good points you found in their work is always something that should be done. It should be done because it makes the person under review feel as if the reviewer saw something positive in their work. Step 2. Suggestions, suggestions on what you feel would make for a better paper, or whatever is being under review is always welcome. However don't try to push your idea upon the person you are editing, they might not feel the same way as you do and it might just cause problems. Finally the 3rd step is Corrections, while looking and making corrections one should look for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other things that could hinder a paper grammatically and so on.

The slideshow on Peer Editing further touched on the three steps listed above. The three steps are very helpful because it is a written do's and dont's when editing another persons paper. The biggest thing that I took out of all the material we were made to watch was that complimenting, and staying positive were two of the most important things because it is so easy to get discouraged when someone is ripping or you as the writer feel they are ripping apart your hard work. Nobody likes to feel as if they are being ganged up on or that their work was not good enough, so by providing compliments and staying positive while giving a critique its almost as if you the critic are softening the blow of finding mistakes or problems with their papers. In the video Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes this video provides a funny outlook at all the ways one does not wan to encounter when peer reviewing. The video is meant to be funny however the content is not something that would be funny to deal with in real life.


  1. Your post was extremely well organized and thorough. You did a great job summarizing the main ideas of peer editing. I think your thoughts on being kind when editing is spot on. I agree with you that no one likes to hear that their work just isn't good enough. Great job overall.

  2. Good post. Just don't forget that each blog post is required to have working links!