Saturday, September 13, 2014

C4T, Project # 1

The first blog focused around Sketchnoting was the topic of the first blog for my C4T it discussed a visual way of note taking that has gained popularity in conference attendees. Sketchnoting helps to makes ones thinking visual and sharable as the reader is reading a book or watching a movie clip. This is a conference that is open to educators who want to learn how to sharpen their abilities to listen more closely. There is no artistic abilities needed when learning how to sketchnote This is very interesting to read about, technology has come a long ways. Makes me wish I wish I was closer to where this is taking place because it seems like a very interesting event.
The second blog dealt with Now Literacies including digital, media, and global literacy this is preparing students for the changing occurrences that are taking place in our education world today. This is preparing students for a time when it doesn’t matter what they know but what they can do with what they know instead. Interesting to hear how you are preparing the students to the changing world we live in today, whether it be technology or changes in teaching and learning
I have provided the links to each blog below. Great PD Opportunity: Miami Device, is the first blog being discussed the second blog being discussed is The Now Literacies Through the Lens of Sharing.