Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blog # 6

In the first video provided Project Based Learning Part 1 Anthony Capps tells us that the crucial part of PBL is allowing the students to have the opportunities to revise and reflect on their work. Revising and reviewing is the key to an effective PBL system. What Anthony is saying is that by allowing the student to make their own mistakes and fixing them is the best learning tool that is learned through Project based learning.

In the second video Anthony states that us as teachers should never limit the students when it comes to creating projects to do to as a class. Limiting the students does not allow them to go above and beyond what you the teacher expects. PBL is revolved around a very powerful method that allows students to learn in a group setting and helps their developing mind think outside of the box and create different connections that they might not normally make otherwise. Allowing a student to have a choice on what they will be doing in the project based learning is also key, this allows for students to fully immerse in a topic of their liking and or interest.

In the video regarding icurio he explains how it is an online tool that allows students to safely search websites which also turns up results of audio and video that regard to the topic the student is searching. This website also allows for students to store their previously searched items into a library basically which allows them to return and access the previously searched items. This feature is important because it allows for the students to become organized and stay organized with their searching. This website also allows for searching of certain criteria and also has a directory feature that goes along with the historical features. A good thing about icurio is that it is all age appropriate, meaning that high school students can also find material that they need on this website.

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